Find “TIPS” About Transportation Projects

Welcome to the Polk County Transportation Planning Organization's (TPO) new Interactive Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). This tool makes it easy to find information about transportation projects in Polk County.

The TIP or Transportation Improvement Program is a funding document which lists all of the prioritized projects to be funded in a four year period. Projects included in the TIP include bicycle, pedestrian, highway, rail, aviation and public transportation projects. Locally funded projects are also included. This document is updated annually and throughout the year as needed.

The TIP is funded through local, state and federal transportation funds. Projects costs shown on the TIP pages will include historical costs for five years prior to the current TIP and five years beyond the current TIP. The TIP must be amended in order to stay consistent with the Long Range Transportation Plan. It may also be amended when adding a new project to the Work Program which was not yet in the TIP.

In order to make a change into the TIP, an amendment must be requested by FDOT or Turnpike Enterprises, and approved by the TPO Board. During this time, the public is welcome to comment by visiting us during a board meeting, contacting us at (863)534-6551, or in writing: PO Box 9005 Drawer TS05 Bartow, FL 33831-9005. You may also email us at xiomarameeks@polk-county.net


The “Total Project Cost” amount displayed for each of the federal and state funded projects in the TIP represents 10 years of programming in the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT’s) Work Program database for projects on the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) (FYs 2013 through 2022), and 5 years of programming in the FDOT Work Program for non-SIS projects (FYs 2013 through 2017), plus historical cost information for all projects having expenditures paid by FDOT prior to FY2013. For a more comprehensive view of a particular project’s anticipated total project cost for all phases of the project please refer to the LRTP.